Destiny Calls

Amyria wakes

in which the sword awakens

to recap briefly, the platinum longsword which you retrieved in your very first adventure, had begun to speak recently, asking for Berek and Co, and once you arrived, it beseeched you for your help in two matters. The first was to stop a powerful gnoll shaman from conducting a foul ritual to open a planar portal to the Elemental Chaos, and the second was to free the mysterious being trapped inside the sword. The sword led you to a hidden fortress built into the side of a mountain (Castle Grayskull …. wait … Fortress Greystone!), abandoned by it’s Githzerai makers for reasons unknown, and now inhabited by gnolls.

As you infiltrated this fortress, you discovered that the gnolls had been supplied with advanced weaponry and were being trained in its use by none other than … drumroll … Sarshan ! Far more sinister though, Sarshan had kidnapped Uncle, and somehow coerced him (you still have no idea how) to forge for him a cursed weapon, Wicked Fang. Worse still, as part of the final ritual to curse the sword, Sarshan had Uncle killed and his blood used on the sword. The tears the Silver Dragon Shield was shedding weeks ago were a manifestation of Uncle’s death. You now seek a way to remove the curse on the sword and avenge Uncle himself.

Finally you found your way to the ritual chamber where you discovered Fangren, the gnoll shaman, about to complete a ritual which would open a direct conduit to Yeenoghu (the evil god of destruction worshipped by the gnolls) and transform Fangren into one of his exarchs!! Already a powerful planar portal had been opened, and a great Claw of Yeenoghu could be seen reaching through the portal, so there were only moments to go ! Berek & Rayalf attacked his demonic followers while Winterspear and Morgrim used their arcane & divine powers to disrupt the ritual, ruining Fangren’s plans and dispatching his soul to face his now unhappy god.

The platinum longsword then showed Winterspear how to alter the planar portal to seal its connection to the Elemental Chaos and in doing so, siphon off energy from the Astral Sea instead to free the being inside the sword. After the ritual was completed, the portal was now safe and a radiant being stood before you, appearing as a young human-looking female, though one of unearthly beauty and grace, and with a band of chalk-white pigment stretching from one temple to the other across her eyes. She is garbed in armor made of slender, overlapping silver plates and holds the platinum longsword, now transformed into a deadly weapon glowing with radiant light. She looks at you with bright eyes and says softly “I am Amyria, Scion of Bahamut”.



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