Destiny Calls

Behind the scenes

Between sessions, some conversations between the PCs and Amyria took place by email:

Berek asks: “How were you trapped in the sword?” Amyria says: “My memories are returning though they are not yet complete. I remember a previous life where I lived with Bahamut on Mount Celestia. I died in his service and he said that I would live again, I think that has something to do with me being in the sword”

Berek asks: “Are you human or a being from another plane?” Amyria answers: “I am an immortal being from the Astral Sea”

Amyria asks: “Do you have any other questions for me at this time, or shall we leave this place? I sense that I am needed in Overlook, or soon will be. Will you accompany me?”

Berek asks “Why did you come now?” and Winterspear adds “As in, why are you awake now?” Amyria answers “I was stirred back to consciousness by Fangren’s planar ritual. Ordinarily I do not believe that alone would have awakened me, however there are ripples of greater things behind it and I sense that it is the subtle energies of this greater picture that is responsible for bringing me back now”

Berek asks “Is there something about to happen in Overlook?” Amyria answers “Yes, I sense that something enormous is about to happen there, of a magnitude that has not happened for centuries, perhaps even millennia.”

Berek asks “Can you destroy this evil weapon please? The blood of a great dwarf was shed to create its taint.” Amyria answers “I cannot, it carries a terrible curse that sword, and will require more than I can do to destroy I’m afraid.”



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