Destiny Calls

Castle Greyskull!

in which githzerai fortress is cleared

The party listened to what Morgrim had to say after casting the bones, and decided to clear out the rest of the Wicked Fang gnolls from Fortress Greystone. After all, with both Bahamut (through Amyria) and the Raven Queen (through Morgrim) on their side, how could they fail?

After a short rest, they made their way through the fortress to a sealed doorway. Beyond the door was a strange room, full of contrasts. One side was calming, orderly and linear, in stark contrast to the other side of the room. Jagged lines, deep pits, clashing colours all screamed of the chaotic nature of those who built it. To Winterspear there seemed to be a psionic echo of the previous residents – the Githzerai who created the fortress used this as a meditation chamber, to try to reconcile the lawful and chaotic elements of their nature, and there were guardian spirits still in place to ward off the invaders. After a moment of reflection, it seemed that the safest path would be to leave this room until the gnolls had been removed from the fortress.

Our intrepid heroes then went room-to-room, slaughtering the new residents. The Wicked Fang jailer fell into the ambush that Shifty laid, and the prisoners in the jail cells were freed with the request that they send word to the Overlook scouts to come back and help out, if they cross paths. In turn, the prisoners told that they didn’t know why they were captured, but they had heard the gnolls talking of various experiments being performed on other captives.

An ancient githzerai training room was next, and it was still functional – a perpetual waterfall filled everchanging water channels, driven by ongoing magic. The room was occupied by the results of some of the “experiments” – gnolls and hyenas who had been subjected to experimental rituals as Fangren fiddled with the energy of the Elemental Chaos. Beaten and tired, the party still managed to drive the gnolls back. Shifty stood at the doorway and peppered the enemy with bolts from his ballista, while Amyria and Berek took the fight to the dogs. Winterspear dropped his spear in the water, freezing part of the waterfall, and managed to tap into the flows of magical energy to turn the energies of the room agains the gnolls.

With the gnolls dead, the prisoners rescued, and the fortress clear, Berek & Co went back to the meditation chamber to rest themselves, and to bring peace to the githzerai spirits. While they were doing so, Gilgathorn decided it was a good time to earn the bounty on their heads. Feeling threatened, Winterspear reacted with heat and, once again, combat began! Thorn pressed the attack, summoning various beasts to his side, while Morgrim dug deep to help the party find a little more energy to fight on. Thorn was surprised to find Amyria with the party, and was even more shocked when Winterspear once again communed with the ancient Githzerai guardian spirits and asked for their aid against this last invader to their fortress.

In the end, Thorn was driven off, but not killed. He may well be back, if he thinks the bounty is worth the risk…



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