Destiny Calls

Morgrim consults his goddess

After said discussions abounding as to the best course of action, and the group preparing to venture off to Overlook, Morgrim says, “I do be thinking it is time for me to consult my queen, for she will give us insight as to what is best for us.”

Reaching into the folds of his cloak, Morgrim produces a small leather sack, of which he empties the contents onto the ground. You notice pieces of dried bones bound by twine, jagged stones etched with tiny runes, and perhaps some other grisly little artifacts scattered in a strange pattern – almost like that of a hand.

Morgrim bends over the articles and starts to mumble, whilst producing what looks to be a ceremonial knife. With a swift stroke he cuts the inside of his palm and squeezes his hand to allow droplets of blood to spatter over the artifacts.

“Blood is life, a path we all tread. Soon be the day we be amongst the dead But let that not bring fear nor grieving For we pass on to the land of dreaming We make choices that seal our fate But the queens governance be our mate So now with life we look to death To guide us on to our next breath”

You all notice a ghostly hand rise from the artifacts.

From bent knee Morgrim whispers, “I thank you for listening to my call, my queen. I ask only that you guide us with what is best in this, a dire hour”

The hand makes a beckoning gesture.

“There be three paths to choose, all with consequence, all bound in fate, The first path being that we rest here at the fortress and tempt fate as we recuperate before clearing this den of perversion. The second is we leave this place and and go to Overlook, and in doing so hope we find help to send back and destroy the evil within. The third being we take fates chance, use all we have and finish what we started here.”

The hand raises three fingers, indicating the third choice. Morgrim nods solemnly.

“If we doin’ this, will there be anything within that will aid us with the evil that is foreshadowed at Overlook?”

The hand gives the thumbs up. Once again Morgrim nods.

“Finally my queen, with the danger we be in to continue on here, place Overlook in dire peril for the delay in us getting getting there?”

The hand gives the thumbs down, indicating that it would not be too late to avert the danger to Overlook.

Morgrim turns to the group. “My brothers, my queen has counselled – I do be strongly advising we stay as I believe we will do what is best here and find a way to stop the evil about to consume Overlook!”

The Hand of Fate ritual has been enacted, giving the party an indication of the best of the high-risk, high-reward options open to them.



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