Eledan Bladestorm

Eladrin swordmage, left Berek & Co for everyone's safety as he was being hunted by assassins (Retired Player Character, now NPC)


I walk through a dense fog, not knowing where I am or where I am going. All is a haze, only broken by images or words which sharply come to focus, then drift away into the nothingness that surrounds me. I see eyes both seductive but cruel, loving and compelling A blade both glorious and terrible ...’a storm is coming’...

I still wander through the fog… How long have I been here? Have I always been here, or is this what I am – I do not know… More images batter me; Majestic cities, places of dark foreboding, battles, celebrations – all are a whirl ...but still I come back to the fog…

...’soon that which was broken shall be whole, then shall we once again walk in the light’...

Suddenly I am wrenched from the fog , like a base wrenched from it’s womb All seems cold, I feel aware but I do not know where I am. I see eyes, filled with anguish – why? Then I look down to see blood pouring over my hand, the hand firmly grasping the terrible blade of my visions. I look up again into those anguished eyes and see a knowing tinged with great sadness – what have I done?! A word escapes his lips… ‘Elledan’ ...

I drop the blade, dazed and confused, backing away from the body.

‘It is done’

I turn to see from whence the words come from, only to confront those cruel yet seductive eyes. I run…

...I have always been running

Pursued by both my kin, and those cursed of my kin. Hounded by infernal creatures, and magical beings. Evading capture through skill, guile, luck, and perhaps the beneficence of other powers.

I have no home, no family or friends.

My only companion a dwarf by the name of Berek. One I call my friend, who saved me from hunters who would have finally found their prey.

I know not who I am, though I have a name:

A word – Elledan

Born into the storm.

Having wielded the terrible blade, which has sealed my fate – and maybe that of others

I am Elledan Bladestorm

Eledan Bladestorm

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